New BMW X Series Models in Champaign, IL

New X Series Models BMW of Champaign

When BMW built the first X Series model, they didn't just create another run of the mill SUV. Instead they invented something entirely new and exciting: the Sports Activity Vehicle®. By seamlessly fusing ample interior space with dynamic power and a sleek design, each X Series SAV® is able to deliver the same thrills you get from driving any other BMW vehicle. And along with the unique Sports Activity Coupe®, there truly is a BMW X Series models that's perfect for every Illinois adventure.

New BMW X1


The new X1 lineup offers all the character you'd expect from a BMW, and so much more. BMW X1 models bring much more than just high marks to the table - they provide a level of performance you can feel.

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From their coupe-inspired spirit and construction to their high-performance components and sport-oriented engineering, driving a new BMW X2 SAV® model is impressively exhilarating from start to finish.

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New BMW X2
New BMW X3


The elevated ride height, spacious interior and sporty agility of the new BMW X3 provides owners with the freedom and versatility to explore everything Illinois has to offer in any way that they want.

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With muscular curves, powerful design and features that outperform, BMW X4 looks and feels like a true athlete. With striking styling and expressive character, X4 was designed to boldly conquer any road.

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New BMW X5


Regardless of whether you're seeking out thrills or convenience, new BMW X5 models are always ready to perform. Convenience, utility and luxury all come together in the brilliantly designed BMW X5 SAV®.

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Designed to stand out with their extravagant design and impressive performance, from its coupe-like roofline to its chiseled profile, you'll always take the lead in the new BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe®.

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New BMW X6
New BMW X7


The culmination of comfort, luxury and powerful living is embodied in the new BMW X7. Live every day at a completely different level in your BMW X7, the world's most luxurious Sports Activity Vehicle®.

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X Series FAQ

Which BMW models are in the X-series?

The BMW X-series lineup contains the BMW X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, and X7 models. These SAV models are designed to stand out while providing you the comfort, convenience, and luxury you expect from BMW. Safety features, technology, and interior that is built to impress, the X-series offers a whole new method for experiencing the thrill of a BMW SAV.

Does the X-series come in AWD?

All X-series models come standard with the All-Wheel Drive capabilities included in xDrive technology powered by BMW. xDrive is an advanced, permanent AWD system that ensures the best possible traction at all times. The sleek, smooth feel of turning the corner in a BMW is what you can expect when your BMW SAV comes equipped with xDrive performance.

Which X-Series model is the smallest?

The X3 is the smallest model in BMW’s SAV lineup. Though the X3 is small, it still packs a ton of passenger and cargo space, along with comfortable seating that leaves plenty of room for adult passengers. The BMW X3 also includes multiple technology features such as a tri-zone automatic climate control system, Apple CarPlay, and a 12-speaker audio system.

What is the price of the X-series models?

The price of the BMW X-series models differ in trim levels and additional packages available. Starting at $37,995 is the X1 sDrive28i followed by the BMW X2 sDrive28i at $43,495. Base-level pricing typically increases along with the model number, so you can expect to see a base level X7 xDrive40i Design Pure Excellence for $77,845.

What is a SAV?

With the release of the BMW X-series comes the SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle). Not only do the X-series models act as an off-road vehicle, but have work and sports capabilities as well. When properly equipped, the towing capacity of the SAV models can reach up to 6,000 lbs. Available add-ons include a bike rack, capabilities for canoes or kayaks, and a larger cargo area than other BMW models. Included in the BMW X-series lineup is the All-Wheel Drive BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe.

Which BMW SUV has 3rd-row seating?

The BMW X5 models are available with 3rd-row seating, allowing you to have seating for up to 7 passengers. When the 3rd-row seating isn’t in use, it can also be folded down to allow for more cargo space. The interior of the BMW X4 is upscale, featuring supportive and well-cushioned synthetic leather seating. Genuine leather upholstery is also available in the X5 models. You can bring the entire family along for the ride in the X5!

BMW X-Series SAV Model Features

BMW Champaign offers a variety of BMW X-series SAV models with unique features, colors, and specs you won’t find at any other BMW dealership in Illinois. Whether you’re searching for an X3, X5, X7, or a coupe-style X2, we have the lineup to impress any BMW enthusiast. Schedule a test drive with us today to experience these available features throughout our extensive BMW X-series inventory.

  • xDrive capabilities
  • Wireless Charging for compatible smartphones
  • WiFi Hotspot with 3GB of data included free for 3 months
  • Dynamic Stability Control system
  • Full-Color Head-Up Display
  • Harmon/Kardon® sound system
  • Driving Assistance and Luxury Seating
  • TwinPower Turbo V8 engine
  • Standard Ambient Lighting
  • All-Electric 2nd-row Captain's Chairs

BMW X-Series Seating Options

When you’re on the hunt for a new SUV, there are plenty of different factors to consider to ensure you’re getting a vehicle that fits all of your wants and needs. Depending on how many passengers you plan on having in your vehicle on a daily basis, it may affect the amount of seating you need. With the extensive selection of BMW SUVs available in our X-Series lineup, there are plenty of different seating configurations for you to choose from.

BMW X1 - The BMW X1 is a compact sports utility vehicle that seats up to five passengers. The X1 has an upscale interior that features standard synthetic leather upholstery, along with a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

BMW X2 - The BMW X2 is another one of the five seaters available in the X-Series lineup. The X2 has an interior that is both attractive and comfortable due to its high-quality materials.

BMW X3 - Though compact, the BMW X3 provides a roomy well-built interior that seats up to five passengers. The X3 offers supreme comfort during both on and off-road adventures.

BMW X4 - Our BMW X4 models seats up to five passengers. Though synthetic leather upholstery is standard, leather seats with heated and ventilated seats front seats and heated rear seats are available.

BMW X5 - The BMW X5 is a midsize SUV that has options for either two or three rows. The three-row X5 brings the seating capacity for this model up to seven.

BMW X6 - The BMW X6 is a crossover that seats up to five passengers. Heated front seats are standard in the X6, and ventilating and massaging functions are also available.

BMW X7 - BMW’s largest SUV is the BMW X7, which has standard seating for seven passengers. A power-folding third-row is standard on the X7, giving you plenty of room to fit additional cargo.

BMW X-Series Safety Features

We understand that safety plays a big determining factor when purchasing a new vehicle. When you purchase one of our BMW X-Series models, you can trust that these vehicles were designed with you and your passengers' safety in mind. With the driver-assist technologies available in our BMW SUVs, your vehicle will help you remain safe while on the road. With speed limit assist, information about the current speed limit is shown on the display area of your vehicle in order to help you maintain a safe speed. With steering and lane guiding assist, you can be relieved from steering, as the camera will detect lane markings so that the driver assistance system can ordinate to the boundary lines of the individual lane. Another great driver-assist technology available in the BMW SUVs is parking assist, which supports you while parking in narrow parking spaces.

With the suite of safety features available in our BMW X-Series models, you’re sure to feel confident during trips around Champaign.