Meet Our Staff

Sales and Service Managers

Executive Manager Ben Quattrone
Ben Quattrone
Executive Manager
I have been in the auto industry for 25 years and have owned or operated nearly every franchise. I really feel at home with the two fantastic brands we have here at Honda BMW of Champaign. You should know that although we have a great staff here to handle anything you might need, I am available in the dealership every day that we are open with very few exceptions. You can contact me on my cell phone, send me an email, or just drop in any time. I will make it my business to assist you personally. ​I don't believe in coincidences and I like to think that I can manufacture luck :)
Fixed Operations Manager Justin Fancher
Justin Fancher
Fixed Operations Manager
New Car Sales Manager Craig Fanning
Craig Fanning
New Car Sales Manager
Craig grew up in Chillicothe, IL , a small, rivertown north of Peoria and later attended Illinois College (Jacksonville, IL) grad '93 B.A. History. He started selling cars in 1993 at a dealership in Peoria and has represented nearly every auto manufacturer before joining the Honda BMW team. He is married 17 years and has 2 young sons. Craig is a history buff--mostly American Civil War, and plays basketball a couple times per week. Craig once rode his bike from Cairo (southern tip of IL) to Champaign (4 days 385 miles). "One summer I put more miles on my bike than I did my car."
General Sales Manager Dale Denton
Dale Denton
General Sales Manager
Born and raised in rural Indiana, one of Dale's first jobs was a "Schwan's" Driver/Salesperson. Selling Ice cream and frozen foods door to door, Dale quickly learned not to stick his tongue onto any frozen flagpoles. Dale is the "Everything" Sales manager here at Honda BMW of Champaign and is primarily responsible for the used vehicle operations.
BMW Sales Manager Ken Moerdyk
Ken Moerdyk
BMW Sales Manager
Ken has served the Central IL High Line European car industry since the mid 80s. His love and knowledge of BMW comes from his roots as a young mechanic at the BMW dealer in Terre Haute. A graduate of Lincoln College of Technology, Ken is also a European (BMW) car mechanic by trade, Many of you may have already experienced the high level of service that Ken brings to his customers. He invites you to get reacquainted at his new home, BMW of Champaign!

BMW Sales

Client Advisor CHINH NGUYEN
Client Advisor
Chinh has a Masters Degree in Technology Management from the University of Illinois. Born in Vietnam, Chinh is both a parent and husband. His BMW "Genius" designation means that he can speak about the BMW products with great intelligence. In short, he can tell you "what time it is", as well as "how the watch was made". I am told that he likes to cook and play billiards, but I have personal knowledge of his "Texas Hold'em" prowess. We have a lot of fun exposing him to a multitude of American "slang" phrases but I'm not so sure his wife is as amused.
Client Advisor Charlie   Lange
Charlie Lange
Client Advisor
In 1984 Charlie got a ride from a college friend in a BMW and never looked back. Selling Hondas, BMWs, and "anything pre-owned" is a passion of his. That's why he has been doing it for 30 years. His signature bowtie is a mark of excellence and symbolizes his taste and class. Come see Charlie when you're in the market for anything with wheels and tires.
Client Advisor Kirk Anderson
Kirk Anderson
Client Advisor
Kirk has been in the automotive industry for nearly 20 years in some capacity. With a sales and service background, he can tackle almost any auto related question or task. A former amatuer race car driver and "car guy" born and raised. Let Kirk assist you with the lease or purchase of your new or pre-owned ULTIMATE Driving Machine.

Internet & E-Commerce Department

Internet Manager Scott Miller
Scott Miller
Internet Manager
Scott is well known for his automotive experience in Champaign. It took us 2 years to hire him but now that he has joined the "A Team", he is right at home. Scott is a professional "Pit Master", so he's not selling cars he's winning BBQ contests with his smoker. He was actually disqualified from one of our recent cook-offs for "prior professional status".
Business Dev. Specialist Emily Miller
Emily Miller
Business Dev. Specialist
Emily started her professional career as an project management intern at the BMW Manufacturing Plant in Greenville, SC and worked there for two years while finishing her degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (go Tarheels!). She has always had an interest in cars, with her very first car being a white Oldsmobile convertible with burgundy leather interior. Emily moved to Champaign with her fiancé and Standard Poodle pup, Roo, this past October after (finally) graduating.

Finance and Administrative

Office Operations Manager Ashley Landis
Ashley Landis
Office Operations Manager
Finance Kelly Deckard
Kelly Deckard
Finance Director Jake Aldrich
Jake Aldrich
Finance Director
Finance Manager Nick Phillips
Nick Phillips
Finance Manager

BMW Service

BMW Service Manager Tod Knipfer
Tod Knipfer
BMW Service Manager
One of the calmest personalities ever. Not a week goes by that we don't get a thank you note or email from a very satisfied customer about Tod. Tod one even got flowers sent to him for changing a tire! Little known fact--Tod stays in the same hotel room at the same hotel in St. Louis every year for vacation.
BMW Service Advisor Jason Nelson
Jason Nelson
BMW Service Advisor

BMW Parts

BMW Parts Department Sales Monica Stewart
Monica Stewart
BMW Parts Department Sales
Honda BMW Parts Manager Terry Costa
Terry Costa
Honda BMW Parts Manager
Terry runs the Parts show like no other. Don’t try to walk by his tree stand though...he doesn’t discriminate during the month of November. Just sayin’...

Collision Center

Collision Center Manager Jason Couwenhoven
Jason Couwenhoven
Collision Center Manager
Jason joined the Champaign Automotive Collision Center in late 2018. Jason has been in the collision repair industry for nearly 20 years. He enjoys competitive bowling, hunting and fishing. He loves spending time with his 2 daughters and his fiance. Favorite Quote. “It's not about how to achieve your dreams, it's about how to lead your life, ... If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself, the dreams will come to you.” ― Randy Pausch
Body Shop Associate Matt Stacher
Matt Stacher
Body Shop Associate