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How to Write a Review

Have you recently visited one of our dealerships? Did you absolutely love your experience? Do you want to tell the world how awesome BMW of Champaign are? We have a multitude of ways that you can review us online! 

By simply typing our name into a search engine, it will give you a wide range of platforms to write an summary about your experience at out dealerships!  We appreciate any review on any website; however, there are a few that we look at regularly. 

Google reviews are some of the most frequently viewed testimonials. As a search engine, Google will pull its own reviews first. This is why we would love if you wrote a review here! Since these are some of the most highly viewed testimonials, the more eyes that see these reviews, the more our credibility goes up. Our customers and their opinions are extremely important to us. We want to know what you are thinking and would love to hear any suggestions you have for an improvement at BMW and Honda of Champaign.

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To do a Google review, simply type in “BMW of Champaign” into the search bar. On the right-hand side of the screen our Google Business page will appear. There will be an arrow point down, click on this and it will expand the page. A link named “Write a Review” will appear. Once you click this, you will be able to write about your experience! A second option is available to write a Google Review. Instead of clicking on the right-hand side of the screen, scroll down to our website and just below it will be a link that says “Write a Review”. Both will get the job done!


Writing a review online may not be your preference. Please feel free to call us and tell us in person! We love hearing how we did, how we can improve or something that we did well. The more we can improve your experience, the better!

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